What Ground Services can I order?

Euroflite can provide either normal passenger terminal handling or bespoke VIP handling depending on customer request.

With Euroflite, your travel experience can be tailored exactly to your need. If you prefer privacy, a VIP terminal is a preferred choice. On the other hand, if you are traveling on a budget, you can also fly from the main passenger terminal. Below you can find different options:

Main passenger terminal:

The main passenger terminal is the basic ground handling service that we always include in our offers. This includes a common or dedicated check-in desk at all departure airports, common security, and the normal passenger boarding lounge.

If you are on a budget or do not require private services, you can proceed with this option. Your flight experience onboard will be of the highest standard. There is no availability or need for premium setups in many smaller airports since the main terminal may not be busy.

Premium lounge in main passenger terminal:

If you wish to upgrade your travel experience in the main passenger terminal, it is possible to book a lounge for the wait before boarding. In the lounge, snacks and drinks can be made available, and a private space for the waiting time is provided.

This service is usually paid by per passenger and origin airport. The cost can vary from 10 EUR upwards per passenger. A full lounge can be around 1000-5000 EUR depending on the airport. In some cases, the expense may be lower or higher.

VIP Terminal:

Some airports (usually larger ones) provide VIP terminals also for larger groups. Depending on the airport, some terminals are limited to 30 or 40 passengers. The VIP terminal experience is of the highest privacy. This includes a private curbside where you can arrive, a private check-in lounge, and a private waiting lounge of the highest standards.

The pricing of VIP terminals varies significantly from being free at some airports for small groups and being charged 10000-15000 EUR per departure at other airports. In some cases, the expense may be lower or higher.

In all cases, please reach out to your sales contact to get a quote for your specific needs!