What catering options are available?

Catering options vary depending on aircraft type. The catering budget can be from a few euros per passenger and flight to around 100 euros. We can also offer VIP-level catering.

On all Euroflite flights, we can offer an ample catering assortment.

Depending on what aircraft you are traveling with, you can select between:

  • Drinks only (coffee, tea, and water)
  • Softdrinks (Coke, Sprite, Juices, etc.)
  • A small snack (cookie bar etc.)
  • Sandwich (basic sandwich/toast)
  • Premium Sandwich (large sandwich, meal)
  • Cold meal (cold meal with starter and side)
  • Warm meal (warm meal with starter and side)
  • VIP meal (multiple course meal)

If your aircraft does not have ovens (small regional aircraft), we can only offer catering up to a cold meal.

Pricing for catering varies from a few euros per passenger to around 100 euros per passenger and flight. If special drinks such as champagne are requested, these will be charged separately.